“Building Dreams, Bridging Futures: IHS Zambia’s CSR Triumph at Kanyanja Community School”

CSR Network Zambia had the privilege of witnessing a significant milestone in the history of Kakote Village – the official handover of a one by three classroom block at the only school in the area.

In the heart of the Chifwema area in Kafue district, Kanyanja Community School stands tall as a testament to resilience and unwavering commitment to education despite adversities faced along the way. The handover ceremony by IHS Zambia, on 7th December 2023, marked a monumental chapter in the school’s journey, unveiling the profound impact of corporate social responsibility (CSR) in shaping the future.

Amidst the joyous celebration, young voices stole the spotlight with a poignant poem titled “Education.” These children, the heartbeat of Kanyanja, reminded us that education is not just a building — it’s the foundation of dreams and the key to shaping identities. Their words resonated, emphasizing that the Kanyanja Community School project is a beacon of hope, offering the promise of a better future.

Mr. Augustin Phiri, the Acting CEO of IHS Zambia, emphasized the company’s dedication through four pillars that influence their CSR and sustainability activities – Education and Economic Growth, Environment and Climate Change, People and Communities, and Ethics and Governance. The school projects undertaken by the company align with community needs and national development goals, creating a ripple effect. Similar initiatives, by IHS Zambia, in Chainda, Kapete and Musolekeni Community Schools reveal a sustained commitment to uplifting communities, one school at a time. IHS Zambia’s commitment aligns with the UN Sustainable Development Goals, especially SDG 4. Private sector engagement becomes pivotal in ensuring marginalized communities receive the educational infrastructure they deserve, contributing to national socio-economic development. Education, a cornerstone of development, was the star of the handover ceremony. IHS Zambia’s CSR initiatives exemplify a holistic approach to community development. Beyond structures, they invest in human capital, ensuring that no community is left behind.

The handover at Kanyanja Community School is a testament to CSR’s transformative potential. IHS Zambia is not just building structures; they are nurturing empowered communities where education inspires hope and sparks lasting change. As we weave through CSR, sustainability and education, let Kanyanja be our inspiration — a call to invest in the future, one school, one community and one child at a time.