Businesses, government and citizens working for the common good of society to achieve shared value, social equity and environmental justice.


“To promote a culture of responsible practices, foster strategic collaborations, recognise innovative best practices and strengthen understanding of CSR to achieve a balance between profitability and sustainable development in Zambia.”

CSR Network Zambia (CSRNZ) is an independent, non-profit, support organisation founded in 2019 under the Companies Act (Laws of Zambia) as a company limited by guarantee. We leverage the experience and expertise of our team members and independent experts to provide innovative corporate social responsibility and sustainability strategies across different sectors.

We aim to promote, encourage and recognize responsible business practices through stakeholder engagement, training, research, advisory services, and celebrating successes through The CSR Network Zambia Annual Gala Awards.

CSRNZ’s ultimate goal is to be the organization in Zambia where stakeholders can seek research services (Perception Surveys and Impact Studies), guidance, capacity building, training and information on corporate social responsibility, local resource mobilization and volunteering. We will also strive to engage small and large businesses to strengthen their commitment to sustainable development across the country so as to contribute to sustainable economic growth leading to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

With Corporate Social Responsibility, businesses can have a positive social, environmental and economic impact on society through their core business.